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Opening of companies
and bank accounts
around the world

Establishment of companies

Lawyers and partners of Nikol Consulting group will open a company for you in Europe, EU countries and any other jurisdiction quickly and without unnecessary hassle. To obtain specific conditions and terms, based on the required jurisdiction, – leave your application

Purchase and re-registration of ready-made companies in Europe and abroad

The specialists of our company will find ready-made companies of any organizational form you are interested in as soon as possible. Fill out a short application and get an answer shortly!

Buying ready-made and opening companies in offshore jurisdictions

The specialists of Nikol Consulting Group will help you with the selection and purchase of a ready-made offshore solution in the most acceptable and comfortable jurisdictions. Leave your application and get a free consultation today

Opening bank accounts for individuals and legal entities

Opening bank accounts for you or your company around the world is simple and easy with NCG.

Opening accounts in payment systems

Our lawyers will help you understand the whole variety of payment systems and find a solution that is comfortable for you.

Personnel and organizational selection, related legal, accounting services

By opening or buying a company with us, you receive all related services, up to the selection of local personnel, directors, office rent, legal and accounting support. Make your business simple, safe and comfortable with Nicol Consulting Group!